David Franco's
1948 Chevrolet Canopy Express

September 25, 2005 was San Fernando Valley Region's "Vintage Chevrolet Club of America"
(VCCA) Car Show, sponsored by Community Chevrolet in Burbank. This car show happens
to bring out some of the best quality cars and this time was no different. Everyone who
attended had a opportunity to see for the first time David Franco's 1948 Chevrolet Canopy
Express. David told me that this car show was the one he wanted to show his Canopy Express
for the first time. David's Canopy Express is the only one I have seen restored to this level of
detail. David consulted with me some years back on VCCA judging since I have over 7 years
experience judging with the VCCA San Fernando Valley Region. The information I gave him
he took to heart and turn out with one of the nicest Canopy Express's I have ever seen. David
got a very good score and is committed to making a few improvements to raise his score for next
year, so everyone watch out. Although this website is dedicated to passenger cars I could not
help but show David's Canopy Express because of how rare these models are. I am committed
to bringing only the best to your attention and I think you will agree with me so far.